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Work at Home Internet Business for 50 bucks: One on One Ninja Training

Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing Hybrid:

Ever thought about starting a work from home business? Ever thought about making money in affiliate marketing?  Ever wonder what is affiliate marketing? Ever thought about making money in network marketing?  Well now you have the best of both worlds.  Now, the first of its kind in affiliate marketing network marketing has arrived.  I’m happy to introduce you to the  Neucopia work at home internet business hybrid.  And no, it’s not Amway, MLM income, or a pyramid scheme company. You don’t need 1,000’s of people to make a little bit of money.  You don’t even need 100’s.  Is it an easy home business? It can be when you work smart.  If an extra $500 per month would help you, or an extra $5,000 per month, or an extra $20,000 per month really get’s your attention, we can help you get there.  You write your own destiny at Neucopia; you steer your own ship.  We’ll just provide the navigational skills (blueprint) and extra income ideas for affiliate beginners to guide you into a sea of success.

Work at Home Internet Business Toolbox:

Without the right skill set and the highest paying affiliate program, the odds are not in your favor; but it’s ok, because that is where we come in.  This is the Neucopia work at home internet business, a world class educational system with an epic, revolutionary, and rapid income earning mechanism.  All you have to do is follow instructions, flip the switch, and hold on for the ride to success with your Neucopia work at home internet business.  Neucopia is still technically a ground floor opportunity although it launched last summer.  The good news is, we have gone through many of the little hiccups and glitches new businesses typically go through (some call them growing pains).  Now, however, we are in the momentum phase and experiencing a global explosion taking the internet by storm.

Calling My Leads & Interviewing a Prospect:

Affiliate Beginners – Just Follow the Blueprint:

The other day, I was in the process of signing up an excited new Neucopia recruit.  This was a cookie cutter perfect interaction.  The blueprint taught me how to get traffic and home based business leads; a person opted in to my capture page which gave me his name, email, and phone number.  He should have automatically watched the corporate webinar but he didn’t.  No problem. When I called him, I struck up a quick rapport and gave him the cliff notes version of what Neucopia is.  You see, when prospects ask me what is Neucopia, I don’t go into a long drawn out spill about what Neucopia is.  Even though we have a very straightforward and simple compensation plan, you have to maximize your time.  And we just have videos that explain it much more efficiently and with greater precision than I ever could.   I always tell people (because of the great Power Team training, thanks Aron), “I’m not going to explain the Neucopia work at home internet business to you, because I don’t want you to have to explain it to anyone else”.   The videos allow for self-replication.  In terms of affiliate marking, that’s what the internet is all about, to make us more efficient and close more sales.  I instructed him to watch the Neucopia corporate webinar 1st and the Neucopia Power Team Preview webinar 2nd.

How to Close a Sell – Against My Instinct, But I Kept a Clean Conscience:

There’s no exhausting up selling in Neucopia. We just have two levels to choose from in Neucopia, Basic or Premier.  Premier has a higher level of training and allows for more profitability.  I always recommend joining as Premier; however, if one cannot afford Work at Home Internet BusinessPremier, then Basic is a great starting point.  So my prospect, an affiliate beginner, watched both webinars.  When we spoke a few days later, he was already sold on the opportunity.  This person, however, was on a very limited budget.  He wanted to sign up as a premier member in the Neucopia work at home internet business.   I was afraid, though, it would have stressed his budget too much.  So going against my killer sales instinct, I listened to my conscience instead.   I suggested he join only as a Basic member, for now.  Sure, he could have joined as a premier, and maybe he would have been making 5 figures the first month; but there are no guarantees in life, even for the highest paying affiliate program.  If for some reason it took him several months to get some momentum going, he could have been in trouble, financially.  Therefore, I had him join as basic, because it was the best thing for him at the time.  So you may be thinking, a person on a limited budget has no business investing in a work from home business?  Quite the contrary though; that kind of person needs this work at home internet business more than anyone.  So I went ahead and signed him up at the basic level ($50).  As some of you know, Neucopia has a  2 pass up comp plan.  I told him he could get pre-qualified for Premier level compensation while still a basic member first.  Then he could upgrade to the Premier level before getting his 3rd Premier sale, so he wouldn’t lose anything.  That way he could avoid losing any Premier sales while limiting his investment footprint during the qualification period.  (Note: since this post was written, I have updated it to include the new sales funnel illustrated below)

Make Big Money Fast – The Value:

So after walking him through the signup process, I first added him into the private group, the Neucopia Power team.  Then I sent him a link to the “Neucopia getting started fast checklist”.  It shows him step by step, the blueprint to definitive success with Neucopia your work at home internet business.  Next, I walked him through the back office of his replicated Neucopia Corporate site.  Truthfully, he had his heart set on joining as a Premier member and still does.  But even still, after showing him just a few highlights of the back office, his response was, “You mean I get all this for $50”?   By the way, I only showed him the basic highlights  because there’s a video in the Power Team that does this for me in much greater detail.   So while he’s learning from our database, watching the videos, I can be talking to new prospects which is what I do best (and yes, we have videos showing you how to call your prospects, key questions to ask, and how to direct the conversation to maximize your time).  It’s a simple formula anyone can learn.  And yes, I work with my team one one one, I just try to use the team resources as much as possible to maximize my time.


Short answer, a whole hellofa lot!  For what is likely the the highest paying affiliate program of its kind, this work at home internet business is jam packed full of value.  Below are some of the media PCM Thumb 2and resources you’ll have at your disposal when you join.  But before I go into the framework and infrastructure of Neucopia, I want to show you something.  You can have the best products and commission structure in the world…..but without the proper medium to convey that message, nothing is going to happen.  After all, the greatest allure in internet marketing is the potential of self-replication, i.e., one salesman doing the work of thousands.  That is why we have just started began the pre-launch of our new sales funnel.  This system was created by a 16 year old kid prodigy with many talents (this kid will probably be a millionaire before he is even old enough to vote).  Please take a look at this automated sales funnel.  It is finally out of the beta phase (actually, I was using it while still in Beta phase and it was getting me leads like crazy).  Take a look and see why this system is totally blowing the competition away.   It’s one of the hottest, sexiest, sales tools to hit the world of internet marketing in a very long time.  If for some reason you have already been to the site (we’re making enhancements all the time) and would just like to go back through it again, here is the Login page. You learn something new every time.  And if you go through the majority of the system, there are free gifts just for viewing it.  These will be changed from time to time, so visit frequently and fervently.  This opportunity can change your life!

So what exactly does $50 per month, with no activation fees and no commitment get you in Neucopia?  Let’s start with our corporate infrastructure: our work at home internet business Corporate Neucopia Replicated Website:

Everything about this website is linked to your Neucopia account.  You’ll be given your own replicated Neucopia corporate site with your own unique URL. When someone goes on this site and hits Work at home internet businessthe Join button, you are automatically credited with the sale.  This site is maintained for you and has no hosting fees and you need no knowledge of coding.  It’s on autopilot and can help you generate passive income.  You need no special computer skills to use this site to create a booming work at home internet business.  The site is backed up by multiple server redundancies and a robust security system second to none.  You can rest assured that your information and that of your clients is well protected against malicious cyber attacks. What you will see when you click the image to the left, is the prospect’s version which allows them to take a tour of the Corporate side of Neucopia.  When you join Neucopia, however, the same url will be utilized so you can login to your back office complete with: your genealogy; contact manager; Basic & Premier products (if you are a premier member); pay information; hyperlink data; statistics; tracking information; and many other great tools!

Four Corporate Capture Pages Get You Tons of Home Based Business Leads:

Four high converting squeeze/landing pages which bring your prospects to the corporate webinar page.  As soon as someone opts in, you receive an email with their contact information.  Then your prospects are redirected to the Corporate Webinar.  Once there, the email and name fields are pre-populated in the webinar with the info they filled out on the capture pages.  And yes, we teach you how to get traffic to your capture pages!
Work at home internet business Work at home internet business Work at home internet business Work at home internet business

For Passive Money – The Neucopia Corporate Webinar & Sales Funnels for your Work at Home Internet Business:

The Neucopia corporate webinar & sales funnels has built in auto responders.  It has been the biggest release of the year and has been instrumental in our ongoing global Neucopia work at home internet businessexpansion in Neucopia.  Some people are intimidated because they think they cant or don’t know how to close a sell.   But if you can just get a prospect to watch the Neucopia Corporate webinar, and then have them watch the Neucopia Power Team Preview webinar, 95% of your job will be done.  In fact, many times after prospects have viewed both webinars, it’s just a matter of walking them through the signup process.  After all,  what’s the purpose of the a work at home internet business, in terms of profit and the great American dream?  Sure it gets you exposure as an individual entrepreneur, but it does much more.  It provides the concept and vehicle of duplicity and self-replication.  Instead of one person with one voice, one person can have a thousand voices.  Thousands of people can be watching your Neucopia Corporate Webinar at any time day or night.  That’s why, when we finally get to speak on the phone, I’ll give you the highlights but I won’t sit there and explain in detail what Neucopia is.  The Neucopia Corporate webinar was created to do just that; therefore, I’m not going to explain Neucopia to you because I don’t want you to have to explain Neucopia to any of your prospects.  Just give them the webinar link and watch their dreams come to life; it’s as simple as that.  Self-replication of your work at home internet business, it’s a wonderful thing.

What is Neucopia in Terms of Products?

Go here, click on the products tab, and then click on the “Basic level Membership Benefits”.   Currently there are 30 Neucopia work at home internet businessproducts included in the Basic membership, and additional products are added all the time.  This ranges from software to e-books to editorial content; and it’s all geared toward growing your work at home internet business and making you a better internet marketer.  I’ll make you this offer: whether you join neucopia or not–take this tour, confirm your email address, and then send me an email about which two products you want–and they’re yours.  That’s right, I’ll give you any two affiliate products you want for free just for looking at this opportunity.  You see, I have full resale and give-away rights to these basic products, and so will you if you join.

Neucopia Power Team Facebook Group (provides extra income ideas for Your Work at Home Internet Business):

You get access to the super-secret private Facebook group just like the premier members get.  The Neucopia Power Team Facebook Group provides you an Neucopia work at home internet businessinvaluable entrepreneurial success forum of like-minded people to get priceless advice and bounce ideas off one another.  There is also a proprietary cache of frequently updated video tutorials on every aspect of what it takes to be successful with your Neucopia work at home internet business.  The great thing is, not only will the education at Neucopia provide you a vehicle to become profitable with Neucopia–it will also help you grow any other business (on-line or offline), MLM, or network marketing business as well.

How to Close a Sale – Overcoming Objections Sales – The Power Team Preview Replicated Website:

This is one of the biggest sale closing tools at your disposal, and it’s free!  Several of our team members from the Neucopia Power Team created this Neucopia work at home internet businesssite.  You will have your own unique URL/web address to this site.  It’s updated weekly and sometimes daily as needed.  You can drive traffic here each week for the live webinars or the recorded replays.  If someone hits the corporate webinar button or Join link, they will be sent to your own Neucopia webinar page or your own Neucopia Join page,  and you will receive credit for the sale.  To see it live, be there every Wednesday at 5PM Pacific/7PM Central/8PM Eastern.


Is the Neucopia Work at Home Internet Business Right for You?

I would be honored if you would consider joining Neucopia with me, Jody Heath.  I don’t hide behind my computer like some internet marketers.  I’m available to you night and day; and I’ll work my butt off for you doing three way calls with your prospects and helping you get started making money fast with your work at home internet business.  My phone number, (714) 253-7649, is actually listed here on this website.  I want you to call me and let’s get you on your way, fast, to making money online.  But first I want you to experience part of the prospecting blueprint we have laid out for you for making money online.   Please follow this A – D sequence, below,  and then contact me.  Then replicate what I’m doing and enjoy your life of financial freedom from affiliate profits:

A. Work at Home Internet Business – **Take the Neucopia Tour – Highest Paying Affiliate Program:

Take the Neucopia tour under the guidance of our new PROCapture marketing system.  Take your time and get a good feel for the system and explore the possibilities it offers for anyone wanting to build and online presence and strong business.

B. Work at Home Internet Business – **Visit the Neucopia Power Team Preview Page:

 Next, watch the Corporate Webinar (the first two videos) and then visit our main closer, Power team preview page, and watch the Neucopia Power Team Webinar replay.  There’s a new live webinar added every Wednesday at 5PM Pacific, 7PM Central, and 8PM Eastern.  If you navigate there any other time you’ll see the most recent recording of the Power Team webinar.  This is not an officially sanctioned corporate webinar or web page; it’s just the top leaders in Neucopia’s work at home internet business, sharing their success stories with you and showing you how to be better marketers.  It’s raw, it’s real, and it will take your business to the top.

C. Work at Home Internet Business – **Explore the Neucopia Corporate Website:

Take a look at the Neucopia Website and explore a bit.  Notice how my name, Jody Heath, is at the top right hand corner.  To help you grow your work at home internet business, when you join, you will get your own replicated site.   You’ll have your own unique URL, and your own name right at the top, just like mine.

D. Work at Home Internet Business – **Affiliate Beginners and Pros: Call, Skype, Message, or Text Me:

And most important, make sure you take notes and write your questions down while watching the video.  Next visit the “Join Page” and then call, skype,  message, or text me and let’s talk.  I’m here to help you become more successful online.  One of the most important truths I have ever learned is the more people I can help succeed, the more successful I will be.  I’m here to help you see all your hopes and dreams come to fruition.  If you have a “dream,”…..if you have a “why”……I can help you find the way to get there.  There has to be another way than the old 9-5 job, 15 hours shifts, and generally not being paid what we are worth. I have found that way here at Neucopia.  Thank you for your interest in this amazing opportunity, the Neucopia work at home internet business.

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