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Dear Blog Readers,

IMG_4637 - CopyMy name is Jody heath.  I was born and raised in the South (Texas/Louisiana).   I’ve worked all over the country in towns as small and quiet as Oskaloosa, Iowa; and others as big and crazy as Miami, Florida.  Currently I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse in Southern California & an online entrepreneur.  I love the outdoors, music, computers, gadgets, my beautiful girlfriend, and her two stinky daughters (my pseudo kids) who live with us. As an online entrepreneur I also love the way the internet allows me to leverage my time to make money!  But I also love helping other people make money and achieve their dreams; internet marketing allows me the privilege of doing just that, but on a massive scale.

You are now parked on my website’s blog: http://ourneucopia.com/blog/

I have a 20 year background in sales and a knack for technology; therefore, internet marketing pretty much fits like a glove.  Feel free to join my news letter for a constant flow of tips and tricks to make more money online.

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All the best,


Jody Heath (RN and Internet Marketer)

Disclaimer: Most of my blog contains information on making money online in general or making money online blogging.  Please feel free to explore these links and banners.  Just about every link or banner on my blog, I personally use and I’m an affiliate.  I do stand to gain financially if you end up purchasing one of these products; but when you purchase one of these products you also get my one-on-one support and help should you need to fine tune some of the technical aspects; and you might just manage to keep my family out of the poor-house in the process:)

4 Responses to “About Jody”

  1. Richard Ausdran says:

    Hey Jody- I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by your blog and all that you are doing with MTTB and MOBE. I just returned from the super charge seminar in Chicago myself. This blog rocks bro! I will be looking at all the banner ads and I assure you I will do what I can to keep your family out of the poor house!


  2. riley carr says:

    Jody I’m 16 and I want to join the MY TOP TIER BUSINESS. I’m very committed to making money online and ill have plenty of time to do it because I do online school witch is only like 3 hours a day, I promise I wont be a waist of time. so because I’m 16 do u think it will still be ok for me to apply?

    • Heath Jody says:

      Hi Riley, It’s very ambitions that you want to join MTTB. I’m not even sure, though, if legally you can join at 16 or if you would have to join under one of your parents; that I’ll be checking on. At any rate, I would need to talk to one of your parents before you joined so everyone is on the same page and to discuss logistics and finances involved in starting a business like this. Thanks for your interest!

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