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Hello Everyone, My name is Jody Heath. I am an affiliate marketer. This is my blog. I have the privilege of working with and learning from people who are making 5 and soon to be 6 figure monthly incomes doing this and I can show you how as well. If this is your first time visiting my blog, please visit the home page: http://ourneucopia.com/blog/ Thank you for stopping by!

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This Author's Website is http://ourneucopia.com/blog/

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The OurNeucopia.Com Domain Is For sale – Offers Welcome

Hello everyone. We have moved to a new location.  Our new site is http://SouthernProfit.Com and it has now come time for me to figure out what to do with our old one, OurNeucopia.Com.  OurNeucopi.com is a pretty catchy, descriptive, and keyword relevant domain. “Copia” is Latin for “abundance” and it would definitely suit a person who is actually in Neucopia; however, it could be branded to another individual who is not in a closely related business. Effective today, this domain and site contents are up for sale. It offers some SEO traction; although, I have not posted much content in the last 6 months; it could be revived and has huge SERP potential. If you would like to place advertisements on this page, I am open for that as well. The article:  Empower vs Neucopia: Start the Best Home Based Business, Right, the First Time remained in the 1st and 2nd spot on the 1st page of Google for quite a while when I was more active with this blog and SEO strategy. To this day, it is still ranked high on the 2nd page of google.  If you are also looking for someone to offer design and tech skills, a am open to discussing that as well.
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Blogging: How to Build a 6 Figure Online Business with a Blog Fast

Wow, she (image below) sure asked a loaded question about blogging on “my” blog post.  It could not have been better timed, though, considering the topic of our Premier Neucopia Training tonight.  Blogging Guru Venue tonight, Monday, April 29th 6:30pm PDT / 9:30pm EDT: learn from master bloggers, Matt Wolfe and Bradley Will.  Regardless of whether you need the Neucopia Products to enhance an existing business you already have, or your own Neucopia Affiliate Network, one thing is for certain; this is a prime
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Work at Home Internet Business for 50 bucks: One on One Ninja Training

Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing Hybrid:

Ever thought about starting a work from home business? Ever thought about making money in affiliate marketing?  Ever wonder what is affiliate marketing? Ever thought about making money in network marketing?  Well now you have the best of both worlds.  Now, the first of its kind in affiliate marketing network marketing has arrived.  I’m happy to introduce you to the  Neucopia work at home internet business hybrid.  And no, it’s not Amway, MLM income, or a pyramid scheme company. You don’t need 1,000’s of people to make a little bit of money.  You don’t even need 100’s.  Is it an easy home business? It can be when you work smart.  If an extra $500 per month would help you, or an extra $5,000 per month, or an extra $20,000 per month really get’s your attention, we can help you get there.  You write your own destiny at Neucopia; you steer your own ship.  We’ll just provide the navigational skills (blueprint) and extra income ideas for affiliate beginners to guide you into a sea of success.
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Empower vs Neucopia: Start the Best Home Based Business, Right, the First Time

Hello, My name is Jody Heath. I am a full time registered critical care nurse in Southern California and internet marketer with a home based internet business originating in San Diego, California. We are a direct sales company offering world class internet marketing and educational products; we also have an ingenuitive, replicable, and proprietary affiliate marketing mechanism for massive income generation.

Yes, the membership fees cover the Corporate Abundance Products and teach you how to market online like no other! But, once you’re in, you are also admitted to our private Facebook group packed with tons of proprietary educational and training materials. The Facebook training materials alone would be worth the cost of the membership; but there is no additional cost to be in this private mastermind group.

Another benefit with Neucopia is its community aspect. Let’s face it, if you were to start out on your own, there are probably six to eight corporate giants in this genera of home based business and MLM-like opportunities (although, we are not MLM; nor do we want our people working that hard). By being part of a community like this, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and a lot of money. Do you really want to go out on your own and invest in every single home based business program, just to test if it works?

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A Nostalgic Journey through the Eyes of a Prospect – Had I Taken for Granted our Neucopia Pay Plan?

Hello, My name is Jody Heath.  I am a full time registered critical care nurse in Southern California and a part time internet marketer with Neucopia, a home-based internet business based in San Diego, California.  We are a direct sales company offering world Read More…