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Neucopia SLASHES signup fees and RAISES commissions!

When I joined Neucopia, I knew it had the potential to make me so much money with their affiliate marketing program.  Just the educational information in their digital databases–from SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and lead generation systems–would have been enough just in itself.  And while I saw that vision right away and […]


Facebook Marketing, Neucopia Affiliate Internet Marketing, and How Not to Piss off Your Friends – Matt Trainer Lecture & How to Get VIP Access

Hello, I have some very serious business to discuss with you.  If you are involved in Internet Marketing and don’t know who Matt Trainer is, all I can say is, “What were you thinking?”  You should make it a point to do some research on the who the big hitters and key players are in […]


Marketer’s Guide to Affiliate Residual Profits: Huge Changes Coming in December

Ever had trouble closing a sale?  In affiliate marketing, you can’t afford to mess this process up.  I’ve made a video of the four part sales process as it applies directly to Neucopia.  With over 20 years of sales experience, I have learned to take the offline lessons I’ve accumulated over the years, and apply […]


Marketer’s Guide to Affiliate Residual Profits: A Discourse with the Neucopia Leadership

Regarding Neucopia, this Company has grown very fast in a very short time. And to meet and spend some very candid time with Neucopia Corporate last week, it added a huge amount of momentum to my presentation and sales pitch of the Neucopia opportunity.   I’ve always been the articulate and personable salesman, but at […]


Neucopia Compensation Plan – Linear Model with Spreadsheets

Hello Everyone,  This was my very first blog post ever………have mercy:)  This is one of those after the fact updates.  I originally stared this blog on Blogger.  After doing some research on the pros and cons, I decided a self hosted blog was the way for me to go; and now I’ve never looked […]